August 18

Backyard of Grand Hotel Viljandi // Lossi 29

City Mirage 
tries to find an answer to a question: how to understand your environment – observing people's movement trajectories and exploring city's historic layers. Sounds form our perception of places and open dimensions of time and space for us – sounds direct and form our interpretations. Video is a visible expression of musical improvisation. Video - pictures on screen - gives impulses to performers and leads their creation.  The sequence and number of pictures vary - every City Mirage’ performance is unique.

August 19
Kondas Centre //  Pikk 8

September 16
22:00 LIGHT AND SOUND INSTALLATION: "Viljandi in Classical Art" - Kristjan Suits, Mari Vallikivi
The walls of the St. John Church

This time Kristjan Suits - an artist well-known to the people of Viljandi by his sound and light installations in town - is occupied with paintings and artwork which depicts Viljandi and Viljandi-related matters, his canvas - white walls of St. John Church - you don't want to miss that!