August 24

Andris Marackovskis
in front of Linnu 4

Andris makes a piece of environmental art called "Juice" - it's about the invisible things which become visible at some point.

15:00 -16:30
  Agita Šteinberga

Castle Hills

Agita brings “Splash” to QQ - it's about seeing nature and the nature of nature. Big and bright, set in the middle of nature - seemingly irrelevant as such, not fitting in, and for sure - not appearing to be natural in nature. It makes people observe their surroundings more carefully, make wonderful discoveries about trees and plants and water and stones and the colors of nature.

August 26

Banks of the Paala Lake
Ritva Harle

Ritva Harle and QQ invite you to celebrate the 45th birthday of the Lake Paala with a grand picnic. If you wish to bring presents - please take with you songs, speeches, magic tricks and other performances. To set a table for a common meal - bring something to eat, too.

August 27


Mia Waire
Kondas Centre // Pikk 8

At QQ everyone can make a personally designed brick. You can embellish it with a poem, an aphorism, a wish. Figures will be carved on to a clay brick, bricks go to oven and then you have a proper brick for yourself.
Workshops take place from August 19 until August 26. "Blocks 17" will be open on August 27.


It's a public art work where you are part of the art making - make your own memory of QQ/2017!

August 19 until August 23 at 11.00-13.00
August 24 until August 26 at 10.00-12.00
Kondas Centre // Pikk 8

Marja Hakala
in front of the pub T
egelaste Tuba  // Tasuja Str 

Marja Hakala plans to make a piece of environmental art at QQ - she uses natural materials collected in Viljandi and adds some technical elements she brought with her. The result is a playful piece of art and it's guaranteed to fit the dim late summer nights just fine - bringing along some light and joy.