City Mirage
Nina-Maria Oförsagd, video, media art (FIN)
PerViktor Hjalmarsson, piano improvisation, performance (SWE)
Petri Kuljuntausta, sound art, guitar, iPad (FIN)
Daniel Nyman, slam poetry, performance, percussion (FIN)

Philip Holm, double bass (FIN)
Robert Jürjendal, guitar, effects (EST)
Mauriz Tistelö, slam poetry, performance (SWE)

City Mirage
 – is a video screening with live improvisation; music, sound and performance.

In City Mirage different cities of Europe and far East are brought together through a number of selected video sequences.

In City Mirage the question is about trying to understand how we comprehend our surrounding – understand and visualize time, by observing movement in unrooms of the urban dweller and studying historical layers of the spaces. Sounds shape our understanding of a place and open us different dimensions of time and space – leading and shaping our interpretation. The video is a visual score for live music improvisation. It gives impulses for the performers and form for the interpretation. The order and number of the video sequences is different in every performance. Thus every performance ​of the ​​City Mirage ​will be different and unique. ​​The visual live image, live improvisation and performance are brought together to a common view, which creates scope for interpretation during live improvisation. The visual triggers sound and sound forms how we read the content also taking in the audiences reaction in the joint moment – a path is built between the visual, sound and the audience that lives only that brief moment.

City Mirage is an ongoing project and currently touring. After performances in Gallery Huuto and Akusmata Sound Art Gallery in Helsinki and the Art Festival in Viljandi – City Mirage is heading for Sweden and Taiwan. 

Thank  you Grönqvistska stiftelsen, Svenska kulturfonden, Nordisk kulturkontakt.

August 18
Backyard of Grand Hotel Viljandi // Lossi 29

August 19
Kondas Centre // Pikk 8