Circus! No animals, just pure Art!

Circus-Art-Theatre sacrifices the paradigms of the modern art and culture to distasteful humor and conceptual performance. It is funny, and they make fun of ourselves. A group of clowns, mermaids and bearded ladies mime and use grotesque props to represent the life in all its bizarreness. The aesthetics offered by these performance artists = the anarchistic pleasure to shift the pillars of the matrix, demolish pride and dignity and and make the bearded woman rise as Phoenix from the ashes. The performances mix pure performance art with theatrical and circus elements. Each performance is unique and we never perform the same way, even if we reuse the topic of the sketch. The process is the most important part and the culmination changes in time. Members vary, but there are certain elements which are always included in the performances, e.g. clowns, mermaid and a bearded woman.

Circus -Art - Theatre "Giraffe with the Flaming Neck" are:
Taave Tuutma, Margus "Sorge" Tiitsmaa, Meeland Sepp, Kaarel Kütas, Mari Prekup, Katrin Piile, Martti "Habe" Suurorg, Billeneeve, Kata-Riina Luide, Steve Vanoni etc.

August 19

12:00 PERFORMANCE by Circus Metropol 
Viljandi market square