is an open community of Finnish professional artists. Arteground was established in 2009, with initial project to organize an exhibition in the internationally famous cultural city of Viljandi, Estonia. Arteground is an artist driven project, which aims to promote Finnish art and artist in the international field. It also makes possible cultural cooperation between hosting countries.

During the time spent in Viljandi (from Aug 18 to Aug 30), Arteground presents an exhibition, "Nature of Culture", at the City Gallery  - professional visual artists from Finland;
create environmental art in the city of Viljandi, an open-air exhibition "Culture of Nature" - the squares, streets, parks and yards of Viljandi will become a field of creation, artworks will be designed for particular spaces;
group members lead workshops and seminars on performance art and environmental art - the audience will take part in making the environmental art.
Arteground artists present their work at the open-house exhibitions which are organised in private homes and cafés in Viljandi.  

Arteground members of the board are Mika Vesalahti, Mia Waire, Jari Järnström.

ARTEGROUND is in Viljandi from August 18 to August 30